How do I get to Florida Rowing Center?

Click here for driving directions. Palm Beach International airport is the closest airport to the rowing center but Fort Lauderdale and Miami are not far away.

What boats do you have?

Our current fleet includes:

Hudson Boatworks: Great White singles: Heavyweight elite, midweight plus elite, and midweight predator racing singles

Wintech Racing Boats: Medalist singles: Heavyweight and midweight racing singles, plus Explorer 21 and Explorer 24 recreational singles

Peinert Boatworks: Peinert X25 lightweight singles, Peinert 26 midweight to heavyweight singles, Dolphin and Zephyr recreational singles

Maas Rowing Boats: Aero, Maas 24, and Maas Flyweight recreational singles plus a Maas double 

Alden: Star recreational singles

Concept2 Dreissigacker Oars: All blade designs

Croker Oars: S2 and S2 Slick blade designs

Dreher Oars: Apex blades

How do I know a session still has openings?
The status of each program is in the details of the session. All sessions that appear on the list have available places. If a session is full, that session is removed from the choice of sessions; please select another date.

 How many students are typically in each session?
Our groups average 8-10 students with a maximum of 15 students per session.

What is the ratio of coaches to students?
To ensure quality coaching and individual attention, we strive for a student coach ratio of 4:1.

Do I need prior rowing experience to attend Florida Rowing Center?
No. Our instructors will introduce you to sculling technique from the first step. We do require a minimum stay of three (3) days for beginners.

If my schedule does not allow me to fit into one of the 3-day or 4-day sessions may I attend on different days?
We have some ability to accommodate alternative schedules based on space available. Please call 1-800-996-0021 or e-mail with your request and a staff member will contact you.

Can I bring my own boat?
Yes. If you are able to bring your own boat our coaches can check your rigging and help you make adjustments if needed.

How do I prepare my hands for camp so I don't get blisters?

To prevent blisters while at sculling camp you can condition your hands by applying rubbing alcohol to your palms daily for two to three weeks before the start of your camp.

What should I bring with me?                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Items that you should bring for the daily sculling sessions includes:   


  • Tank top or T-shirt
  • Long sleeve T-shirt
  • Lycra or comfortable shorts (not too loose) 
  • Tights and a sweatshirt for cool mornings
  • Athletic socks as no shoes are worn in the boat
  • Flip flops or sneakers to wear down to the dock and walk to breakfast
  • Towel
  • Water bottle- large size
  • Sunscreen for lips and skin
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat or sun visor
  • Change of dry clothing to wear during breakfast and video review

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