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Library Contents:

1) Timing the release of the blades and why it is so critical

2) Where to set the foot stretcher

3) On the water coaching 

4) When to feather and what’s necessary to do it right

5) On the water coaching – #2

6) The problem with late blade preparation

7) On the water coaching -- #3

8) A quick and thorough warm-up routine to do before getting on the water

9) Advice on the mental game of practice and improvement

10) Clarifying the difference between a rower’s reach and their stroke length

11) How to back a rowing shell for optimum safety and efficiency

12) Generating swing during the rowing stroke

13) An example and analysis of good rowing

14) USRowing video "Good Rowing 2"

15) A demonstration of the proper release point at the back end of the drive.


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