Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What Programs do you offer?

    The Florida Rowing Center is open from mid-December through April offering three-day, four-day, and seven-day Rowing Clinics focusing on sculling technique. We aim to maintain a low student to coach ratio of 5:1 and group sizes average 8-10 students per session. The maximum number of students per session is limited to 15 and the number of beginners per session is limited to to 3.

    The only prerequisite for participation is that you have reasonable swimming skills. Please refer to our daily schedule for an overview.

    If you would like to send us your comments or feedback about the program please e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


    Three-day clinics begin each Friday at 7:30 am and conclude on Sunday at 2:30 pm. 

    Four-day clinics begin each Monday at 7:30 am and conclude on Thursday at 2:30 pm.

    Each day’s instructional program is from 7:30 am to 2:30 pm.


    For a seven-day session, you may combine two consecutive clinics. You have a choice to begin on a Monday at 7:30 am and conclude the following Sunday at 2:30 pm or to begin on a Friday at 7:30 am and conclude the following Thursday at 2:30 pm. Select the three-day and four-day sessions that best fit your schedule. 

    New for the 2020-2021 Season - 1 day and 2 day option
    Pick the 3 or 4 day session that includes the dates you'd like to attend, then pick the 1 or 2 day option on the registration form. You'll also be asked to select the day(s) you will be attending. 
    If your 2 days is split between 2 sessions, please register for each day seperately on the appropriate session. 



    • Coaching
    • Videotaping with critique
    • Use of Florida Rowing Center’s equipment for the on-water sessions
    • A Florida Rowing Center T-shirt.
  • 2. I'm a beginner, what's available for me?

    Beginners are welcome, and can learn quickly in this setting. However, in order to provide a comprehensive introduction to the sport of sculling, the Florida Rowing Center requires a minimum stay of three (3) days for beginners. The only prerequisite for participation is that you have reasonable swimming skills.

    Important Note:

    Each rowing clinic at the Florida Rowing Center offers places for three (3) beginners so that the coaches can provide personal attention. A separate box for Beginner/Novice is included in the Registration process for every session date on the calendar. If the beginner places in a particular session have already been reserved, then the Beginner box will not appear as an option for those dates. Please select other dates, or contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We look forward to having you join us.



    Has never been in a boat before; this is the first time sculling.
    Has never been in a sculling boat but rows on an indoor rower.
    Has sweep experience but has never sculled.
    Has limited sculling experience (less than 3 times on the water).
    Rows but is very unstable, has a hard time rowing a shell without flipping.

  • 3. What can I do to prepare?


    To prevent blisters while at sculling camp you can condition your hands by applying rubbing alcohol to your palms daily for two to three weeks before the start of your camp.

    A normal exercise routine is also a good idea.

  • 4. What should I bring?


    Tank top or T-shirt
    Long sleeve T-shirt
    Lycra or comfortable shorts (not too loose)
    Tights and a sweatshirt for cool mornings
    Athletic socks as no shoes are worn in the boat
    Flip flops or sneakers to wear down to the dock and walk to breakfast
    Water bottle
    Sunscreen for lips and skin
    Sunglasses - due to our harsh sun exposure, sunglasses are required on the lake.
    Hat or sun visor
    Change of dry clothing to wear during breakfast and video review

  • 5. What's the daily schedule?

    Each day of our clinics include:

    • single sculling instruction begins at 7:30 am and concludes at 2:30 pm. Daily sessions begin at 7:30 am. The first row is a 120-minute session with dockside instruction, individual coaching, and videotaping. Our coaches work with each sculler from a launch or rowing shell, and each sculler is videotaped.
    • The group then goes to a classroom for 1 to 2 hours of detailed video review and discussion of technique.
    • Following the classroom instruction, scullers return to the lake for a second coached session on the water focused on practice, drills, and individual attention. The second session lasts 90 to120 minutes. A double scull is also available for use upon request.

    Most days end around 2:30, however Monday and Friday classroom sessions often run longer and those days can run until after 4:00 pm.

    Rowing camp sessions start promptly at 7:30 am. Please arrive on time. Parking is available in the Lake Wellington Professional Center parking lot, restroom facilities are in the community center pool house next to the boathouse, and a lockbox is onsite for keeping backpacks and valuables when scullers are on the water.

    Sessions start promptly at 7:30 am. Please arrive on time. 
    On day 1 please arrive at least 15 minutes early.


  • 6. How much does it cost?


    THE 2020-2021 SEASON


    CLOSING DAY: FRIDAY, 30 April 2021

    Tuition includes:

    videotaping with critique,
    use of Florida Rowing Center’s equipment for the on-water sessions
    daily hot breakfast with the coaches and other students
    a Florida Rowing Center T-shirt.

    1-day session $250
    2-day session $500
    3-day session $725
    4-day session $795
    7-day session $1150

  • 7. What if I need to cancel or change sessions


    For our 2020-2021 Season, due to Covid-19 and concerns about cancellations, we are not charging credit cards until 48 hours prior to the session.
    All that is required to cancel or reschedule is 48 hours advance notice.

    To reschedule or cancel, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 1-800-996-0021  requesting your new dates. A staff member will return your message.